Art is appreciated by many.  

A wordless form of communication.  

For a person who first that set foot in America in 2002,  

it was the one and only sanctuary where I could shine despite my lack of knowledge in the English language.  

Creating art is my way of being myself.  

My goal is to create pieces that can surprise, captivate, and excite the hearts  

of even the most uninterested people.  

This is why I create art.  



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Welcome to the world of AKIHITO’s special make-up, and fine art!  

Not only can you enjoy my artwork online, but you can buy some for yourself!  

Please contact me via email If you would like to make a purchase. 


A behind-the-scenes look at the movies that everybody is familiar with  

"A Special Lecture That Will Make Watching Movies A Hundred Times More Enjoyable”  

This is a fun and easy to understand lecture with lots of videos and photos that everyone can enjoy, from kindergartners, and junior high school students to vocational schools and universities.   

We are able to teach not only in Japan, but internationally, in places like the United States, Taiwan, and China.  

In addition to special lectures, please feel free to contact us for special intensive classes.