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Welcome to the world of AKIHITO’s special make-up and fine art!  

Not only can you enjoy my artwork online, but you can buy some for yourself!

Time has flown since I first arrived in America, and it is difficult to believe that it has been over 15 years. As a Japanese artist, AKIHITO incorporates state-of-the-art skills from the Hollywood movie industry, mixed with American culture, and Asian culture to create bewitching and captivating art that no one can imitate.

For those of you wishing to make a purchase, we are waiting for your email.



Art is appreciated by many. A wordless form of communication.  

For a person who first that set foot in America in 2002,  it was the one and only sanctuary where I could shine despite my lack of knowledge in the English Language.  

Creating art is my way of being myself.  

My goal is to create pieces that can  surprise, captivate, and excite the hearts  of even the most uninterested people.  

I create my original work with one intention in mind;

 to create art that resonates to the hearts of everyone. 



 “The quality of AKIHITO's artwork, which could not be realized until now, has been faithfully reproduced by selling a limited number of items.” Prepare to be amazed by the life size busts of our original work.



In Pasadena, California, there is an annual event called Monster Palooza, a horror event dedicated to monsters, creatures, and SFX make-up. Check out the artwork that I presented at PPI’s red booth, a booth where all people in the industry usually almost always make a stop at. 

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