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Medium: Clear Resin, Rigid Foam, Brass, Wood, Fabric, Iron, Aluminum Netting 

Size: H 33 inches (83cm) X W 20 inches (51cm) X D 12 inches (30cm)  

The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art 15, Dimensional Silver Award.  

I exhibited this at the annual Sculpture Group Exhibition Conjoined 2010, organized by the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, California. 

I started creating these art pieces in 2003 after moving to Los Angeles. In Japan, I never had the opportunity to produce art that didn’t relate to the film industry. My new art gave me the opportunity to communicate and connect with people in ways I had never imagined. In May 2005, my son, was born. I was living in the United States with my beautiful wife, and I was working in the profession of my dreams. This piece represents that wonderful time. It came to epitomize my family. In the center of the circle, my son’s face can be found with my wife looking up at him. They are connected in an eternal circle of beauty and art.  

Photographer / Kazu Hiro 

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