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Medium: Clear Resin, Rigid Foam, Brass, Wood, Fabric, Aluminum Netting  

Size: H 32 inches (81cm) X W 17 inches (43cm) X D 16 inches (41cm)  

I exhibited this at the annual Sculpture Group Exhibition Conjoined 2012, organized by the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, California. 

Raijin is the Japanese god of thunder. In Japan, he usually is depicted wearing a tiger-skin Fundoshi (a traditional Japanese undergarment). In early portrayals Raijin’s shoulders were masked with taiko drums to beat out thunderous booms. The traditional depictions of this deity were transformed, and I added elements that came from my conception of him. Fireballs replaced drums. Now ornate fabrics clothe Raijin. These garments are more suitable to the God of Thunder.  

Photographer / Akita Yasunari 

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