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Medium: Epoxy Resin, Fiber Glass, Aluminum Wire 

Size: H 5’8” inches (170cm) X W 28 inches (71cm) X D 28 inches (71cm)  

The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art 25, Dimensional Selection.  

I exhibited this for the Japan-America collaboration exhibition organized by Tokyo 3331 Art Chiyoda Gallery in 2017.  

Nuclear bombs are being tested in some areas.  

War is present in many troubled areas of the world.  

Children are being killed by acts of terrorism.  

We need to pray for peace and harmony, for everyone.  

These hands symbolize the connection of family, and love across cultures.  

It is my intention, and hope that this statue can become a symbol for peace like the Statue of Liberty.  


Photographer / Yuichi Ito 

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