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Medium: Clear Resin, Rigid Foam, Brass, Wood 

Size: H 26 inches (66cm) X W 15 inches (38cm) X D 13 inches (33cm)  

The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art 18, Dimensional Silver Award.  

I exhibited this at the annual Sculpture Group Exhibition Conjoined 2011, organized by the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, California. 

Have you ever had the feeling that the wind was whispering something to you?

In Japan, this is called a “Kaze no tayori” which means “message by the wind”. This artwork is the embodiment of those words. The marriage of someone far away, or the death of a distant friend; if I were to be told the news, I would want the message to be delivered by a beautiful fairy, like the one I created. When the news is grim, I hope that this lady’s smile will heal the wounds. 

Photographer / Akita Yasunari 

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